Fritz MichallikFritz Michallik is a music producer, entrepreneur and host of future podcast 20XX↗ from Berlin.

His genres are Pop and Hip Hop, where he had received 1 gold award, had been 2x on #1 and 11x in the top-10 charts.

Passionate about disruptive tech and climate protection, he is working on a digital solution to reduce food waste in the B2B sector.

He worked with some of the most influential musicians of our time, such as Giorgio MoroderGiorgio Moroder, as well as int. chart-toppers such as TimatiTimati and Lou BegaLou Bega. Among his references are South Korean and Chinese girlgroupsSistar as well as German superstars Kay OneKay One, 257ers257ers, MajoeMajoe, DJ AntoineDJ Antoine and Barbara SchönebergerBarbara Schöneberger.

Signed with Universal Music Publishing, Fritz has composed for many Hollywood trailers↗, TV commercials and theme songs. These include Burger King↗, Call Of Duty, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, Warner Bros. and more.

Get in touch via FacebookTwitterInstagram LinkedIn↗ or send an email↗.

20XX – Der Zukunfts-Podcast
20XX – Der Zukunfts-Podcast
In diesem Podcast entdecke ich die Welt von morgen – aus der Perspektive von Wissenschaft, Kunst, Technologie, Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft, Philosophie, Entrepreneurship und mehr. Es geht um futuristische Ideen und deren Implikationen für Unternehmen und Gesellschaft. Was kommt als nächstes – und wie können wir schon heute eine Zukunft gestalten, in der wir im Jahr 20XX leben wollen?
3: News – Facebook VR, Uber & Lyft, Drohnenterror, Googles Quantencomputer

Quellen und Shownotes unter https://www.fritzmichallik.com/20XX-3